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Keeping Users Away from Clickbait


Social media sites such as Facebook are popular platforms for spreading clickbait, links with misleading titles that do not deliver on their promises. Not only does clickbait waste users' time, it often directs users to phishing sites and sites containing spyware and malware. In this project, we study users' clicking behavior and corresponding security mental models to better understand their vulnerability to clickbait and examine the effects of a wide range of social engineering techniques used to attract clicks from users. Our findings inform how to develop usable and effective interventions to protect users from clickbait.

Users' Awareness of, and Protection against Cyber Attacks

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In this project, we investigate users' perceptions of adversaries' strategies to gain access to their devices and accounts containing personal information and sensitive credentials. We examine how users identify an unauthorized access and protect their information from cyber attacks. Our analysis reveals the gaps between users' protection techniques and recommended best practices, leading to the design of usable tools and technologies to address these gaps in users' security behavior.


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*sp: short paper/poster session

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