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Arezou Behfar

PhD Candidate

I believe, “Dreams can change to achievable goals”. That has always motivated me in my personal and professional life. I always look at my dreams as my goals, not just dreams. In the journey of my life, I try hard to be the best version of myself and never give up. I still need to grow, and have more dreams. Keep going Arezou!


Ankit Shrestha

PhD Candidate

To tell you a little about me, I need to start from the very environment that has molded me. Born in the beautiful country of Nepal to parents who have instilled upon me the value of education, hard work and justice throughout the years, I have grown to continuously challenge and improve myself to play the infinite game. This goal for continuous growth has taken me to places, from rural schools in Nepal where I volunteered to deploy e-libraries, to pursue PhD at Utah State University. Outside of my research, I love playing soccer, basketball and badminton, and avidly follow Premier League and the Champions League soccer matches.


Prakriti Dumaru

PhD Candidate

Organized chaos. Nature Lover (p.s. that's the meaning of my name :)). Inclined toward meditation, spirituality, and swimming (WIP). Traveller, by default (clinging to Raj :D). Terrible at outdoor sports!


Rizu Paudel

PhD Candidate

I am from a country full of mountains, Nepal. I am an outgoing person and I love to travel whenever I get a chance. I enjoy trekking adventures and I used to do that with my friends and family back in my country. I have also been to hiking trails around Logan and it is amazing to see the view from top of the mountain. I like meeting new people and find it amazing how creative they are – that is the reason why I believe, I can always learn from the people around me.

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Hanieh Atashpanjeh

PhD Candidate

I’m passionate about my work and I love helping people and making life easier for them when it comes to technology. I am enthusiastic and hardworking and I try to always challenge myself and study new things to make sure that I’m always growing. I also, know myself as a creative person as I try to think outside the box and come up with new ideas. I enjoy communicating and working in a team because as they say,  “Together, we are an ocean”.


Bryson Hackler

Undergraduate Research Assistant



Audrey Flood

Undergraduate Research Assistant


Past Lab Members


Apoorva Chauhan


Colt kraczek


Huzeyfe Kocabas


Danielle Graham

Our Collaborators

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