• November 2020: Our paper titled, On Improving the Memorability of System-assigned Recognition-based Passwords, is accepted in Behaviour & Information Technology

  • November 2020: Served as the Session Chair in WPES 2020


  • October 2020: Our paper titled, A Look into User Privacy and Third-party Applications in Facebook, is accepted in Information and Computer Security

  • July 2020: Our paper titled, A First Look into Users' Perceptions of Digital Medicine Technology, is accepted in ACM CSCW'20 (poster session)

  • July 2020: Our paper titled, Managing Old Device: User Behavior, Information Exposure, and Privacy Risks, is accepted in WIPS'20

  • July 2020: Our paper titled, ``I cannot do anything'': User's Behavior and Protection Strategy upon Losing, or Identifying Unauthorized Access to Online Account, is accepted in SOUPS'20 (poster session)

  • July 2020: Serving in the Program Committee of WPES 2020


  • June 2020: Awarded with a NSF SaTC Collaborative Grant as the Lead Principal Investigator [Press Release]

  • June 2020: Our paper titled,``Most Companies Share Whatever They Can to Make Money!'': Comparing  User's Perceptions with the Data Practices of IoT Devices, is accepted in HAISA'20                  

  • May 2020: Our paper titled,``We Don't Give a Second Thought Before Providing Our Information'': Understanding Users' Perceptions of Information Collection by Apps in Urban Bangladesh, is accepted in ACM COMPASS'20.

  • May 2020: Our paper titled, Understanding the Sensibility of Social Media Use and Privacy with Bangladeshi Facebook Group Users, is accepted in ACM COMPASS'20 (poster session)

  • March 2020: Our paper titled, 'Purdah' as Privacy: Understanding Privacy in Bangladeshi Islamic communities, is accepted in CHI'20 Workshop on IslamicHCI

  • February 2020: Our paper titled, Privacy Vulnerabilities in Public Digital Service Centers in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is accepted in ICTD'20

  • December 2019: Awarded with a USU RC Grant as the Lead Principal Investigator

  • November 2019: Our paper titled, Understanding User's Decision to Interact with Potential Phishing Posts on Facebook using a Vignette Study, is published in ACM CCS (poster session)

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