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Utah State University, where I find myself with a cup of coffee in the morning, is located in Logan. Want to have a glimpse of this magical city? – here you go!

Prior to joining USU, I worked as a Research Scientist at Rochester Institute of Technology, and a Post-doctoral Fellow and Assistant Director of Humans and Technology Laboratory (HATLab) at Clemson University. I completed PhD in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Arlington, winning Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award. 

I was awarded the USU Computer Science Faculty Researcher of the Year 2020.

I direct the PIXEL at USU. My current research is supported by National Science Foundation (NSF), and Meta (Facebook) Research. Press Releases on Awarded Grants: [1] [2]


PIXEL, situated in the Computer Science department at Utah State University hosts an interdisciplinary research group. We welcome students from diverse backgrounds, including Computer Science, Information Science, Design, Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology.

In PIXEL, we investigate the human factors of privacy, security, and more broadly - computing. We are focused on identifying the privacy, security, and computing challenges faced by the end users of digital technologies, and look into how they deal with these issues in the resource-constrained environment. We explore how the social, economic, and health-related issues of people affect their computing, privacy, and security behavior. The goal of our research is to inform how technologies can be designed to be more inclusive, usable, secure, and privacy-protective for the users with diverse needs and experiences.

Our research team systemizes the human and societal factors that impact people's secure and privacy-preserving use of a technology. We build novel computing system, making it a part of the social change that empowers the people with various needs, including older users, people with disabilities, and the users with limited access to usable and secure technologies.

We operate through a wide range of methodological apparatus, which include but not limited to ethnography, participatory design, interviews, and surveys.

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Human Factors in Privacy/Security           Human-computer Interaction                Human-centered Design               ICTD

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